FairSteam is a free browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera that adds important consumer-friendly features to the Steam Store.

Wait, what features?

FairSteam's goal is to give consumer as much as possible fair information about the product. At the same time FairSteam doesn't interfere into purchase flow and doesn't overload user with unnecessary information. We are the KISS kind of guys, that's why we have only the most important 'smart' features in our extension:

  • FairSteam adds actual gameplay video into the Steam Store.
  • FairSteam provides numbers about recent game reviews, allowing you to spot positive/negative trends prior purchase.

There is also some small tweaks and addition to the default Steam player:

  • Option to manually turn on/off HD for Steam videos.

Feature: Gameplay Video

FairSteam adds actual gameplay video into Steam Store pages.

Each video is carefully preselected to show you the most valuable information about the game: how it plays and how it feels. No spoilers, no trailers, only informative gameplay video.

Feature: Recent Reviews

FairSteam adds information about the recent reviews into Steam Store pages.

Games may change after release. Recent reviews is probably the most bullet proof way to see the reception of the current version of the game. Don't miss on a valuable information that might help you make the right decision.

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